The Rise & Shine Academy prides itself on delivering its clients a brand new opportunity; a sustainable Personal Transformation Programme, providing a solution for permanent change.

Our mission is to create Happy, Healthy, Thriving Teams through an individualised process that creates a sense of value and purpose, affording people the opportunity to create and add their own personal touch within a company. 

Teams experiencing this opportunity collectively find their growth is exponential and the effect on the team dynamic is extraordinary.


Over the past decade anxiety and depression have become a pandemic and stress at work has increased, having a huge impact on businesses with absenteeism, long term sick leave and an overall decline in staff engagement, morale and productivity.  Statistics now reveal 1 in 4 people have some form of mental health challenge!  Sadly, the reality is more likely 1 in 2 people!

The workplace and the world we live in, is fast paced and changing rapidly, and we need to adapt to meet these needs and new challenges. Social well-being of employees, has become the responsibility of the business community, entering a world where EQ (Emotional Quotient) has become an essential requirement for today’s leaders, however this alone is not enough!


Deloitte’s latest research of 2019 states we are moving away from the Employee Experience to the HUMAN Experience! This is about bringing meaning into work, as employees question, “Am I making a difference?”


The Rise and Shine Academy offers a brand new opportunity; a unique Personal Transformation Program, delivered to groups and teams.

"happiness inspires productivity"


"Reaching our potential sets an environment for others to reach theirs."

"How you coached and inspired my team in such a short period of time was incredible."

- Alan Fripp

Area Manager River Island

“The progression within my store/team since Philippa’s training has been astonishing.”

- Craig Grimstead 

New Look Store Manager

“The team experience not only improvements in their work lives but massive shifts in their personal lives too”

- Andrew Regan

John Austin Group


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