Personal Transformations lead to Team Transformations.


If  you are looking to offer yours teams permanent lasting wellness solutions, increase your staff’s engagement and resilience, boost sales, elevate motivation and morale and move your people to unleash their potential, we have the solution!


By creating happy, healthy, thriving teams through our individualised process, The Rise & Shine Academy build community and connection and add value to people’s lives with a unique and cutting edge, scientific approach.  

We deliver a group transformation program over a 4-month period, which includes 4 x half day workshops.  All four workshops include a group Rapid Transformational Therapy session. This four-part process takes the individuals to new levels of breakthrough, one step at a time.  We understand that permanent lasting change is a marathon and not a sprint and our program is supportive of the research around change, which affirms that people require the minimum of 21 days to bed in new thoughts, beliefs and behaviours.  

how it works

4 workshops deliver a combination of NLP, Coaching and Mindset Tools to support Conscious change.      

The Rise & Shine Academy have developed a unique set of tools and these are delivered through The Total Transformation Toolbox™.  We want to give participants a set of practical life tools to help them stay on their course to discovering the best version of themselves. 

4 Transformational Audio Recordings, to rewire the brain at subconscious level.  

In-depth studies of the brain have now proven that ‘changing our minds’ is possible but we  must access the subconscious mind to have any lasting effect.  We ask participants to listen to a Transformational audio for a minimum of 21 days, so that their negative unconscious programmes can be removed, and they can be rewired with new powerful, neural pathways to create new thoughts, new beliefs and new behaviours.  

4 Group Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) sessions.  

RTT is a solution focused hybrid therapy of hypnosis, psychotherapy, CBT, NLP and psychology. It accesses the subconscious mind, which acts like a vault, storing all our memories and learned experiences.  This vault of memories creates who we are today and is responsible for running 95% of our lives unconsciously. Unfortunately, it often delivers results we do not want!  


RTT gets to the root cause of issues that are locked away in the subconscious mind, enabling individuals to have understanding and clarity about why and how they have formed limiting and self-sabotaging behaviours.  Using RTT we can remove destructive emotions, beliefs, and behaviours.



  • Increased Loyalty and Morale

  • Thriving Engaged Teams

  • Improved Employee Retention

  • Individualised and Team Growth Mindset 

  • Reduced Absenteeism and Attrition

  • Decrease in Long Term Sick Leave

  • Elevated Personal Performance

  • Enhanced Leadership Skills

  • Higher Levels of Productivity and Efficiency

  • Help in Identification of Top Talent

  • Increase in KPI

  • Happier and Healthier People

  • Every pound invested in the improvement of mental health for employees sees a £4.20 ROI

  • 31.2 million Working Days LOST due to work-related ill health and non-fatal workplace injuries. Most common reasons: Stress, depression/ anxiety and musculoskeletal. 

  • Average of 17 Days Lost per person

  • Only 13% of people reported that they live with high levels of good mental health in a survey that was recently commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation.

  • Better mental health support in the workplace can save UK businesses up to £8 billion per year.

  • Studies show every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs 6 to 9 months’ salary on average. 

  • 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs (Gallup)

  • Of the 5 billion people on the planet, only 1.4 billion have a good job, and just 16% of those are engaged (Gallup)

  • 79% of UK workers believe their boss or manager does not care about their happiness

  • 42% of employees say learning and development is the most important benefit when deciding where to work followed by health insurance (48%) (Udemy)

Figures are taken from various resources as noted and ‘Thriving at Work’ the Stevenson/Farmer independent review of mental health and employers published October 2017

facts & figures

"When employers take action to support the mental health of employees cost to employers and the Government go down"


- Deloitte Research 

At the end of the 4-month program, participants feel liberated, and know what direction they are headed in.  They have a clear vision of who they are and how they can achieve their best, in both their personal life and in their career.  

It’s at this point, many people get excited and want more of us, and of course why wouldn’t they?  

They have experienced a dramatic positive shift in mindset and performance in just four months, and they are hungry for more.   They have a new sense of freedom, which is thrilling, and they now want to develop and continue to grow because they have been shown what is possible.  

what next?

We believe it’s important to offer those individuals the opportunity to continue their own journey with us.  If they want more they can become a member of The Rise & Shine Academy, at a very low monthly cost.  

This digital membership group provides on-going support and learnings through webinars and monthly RTT sessions covering a variety of topics including lifestyle challenges, health issues and mindset matters.

We provide a community of like-minded individuals, who are supported with more inspiration, motivation and fun, providing further guidance to those who are hungry to stay on their personal development journey and do more!

After all, here’s the truth…You are never done! There is always more to learn… And that is the beauty of life!

The Rise & Shine Academy deliver an outcome of permanent lasting change, saving businesses time and money, while improving the overall wellbeing and happiness of their workforce!

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