Bertie and Philippa's RASA course is life changing. I feel more resilient, more alive and, best of all, my health is improving. I'm back in the driving seat and excited about the future. I'm thrilled to have learnt so much about myself and I just know there is more to come!



I know I have already started to shift gear ! There are two things that have caused me huge pain, anxiety and dark confusion. Often resulting in physical symptoms as well as torture in my head and heart . However after 3-4 weeks the situations /events honestly ceased to resonate as much, In fact I have noticed that one event almost became forgotten and so distant I had to remind myself it had happened and boy how I had carried it , the weight of it , the fear of it and the anger for so long a part of me had become numb and despondent.

I believe undoubtedly in Philippa and Bertie’s work and in both of them as wholesome gifted lady’s that wish more than anything to help others rise out of confusion and darkness to find light and learn how to sparkle and shine as the universe had always intended . I get the feeling that RASA may well become an ongoing body of support for attendees and a new way of enjoying ones life!



‘Changing a Business’

I have worked with Philippa on many projects all over the world in the past 10 years and she has always delivered every project with the upmost professionalism, quality and commitment to everything she does. Our clients have always been exceptionally pleased with her work and the value she has delivered to them and their businesses. The team members she works with, experience not only improvements in their work lives but massive shifts in their personal lives too, delivering real value to them in the process of changing a business. We are looking forward to working on many more projects with Philippa in the future. 


Andrew Regan. Managing Partner, John Austin Group


Bertie was amazingly helpful in my journey for answers and support. Having suffered a traumatic childhood (silently) I began in my adult life to suffer severely from a lack of self-worth accompanied by strong bouts of anxiety and even panic attacks.  Bertie’s time and expertise helped me to understand in more detail why I was suffering, therefore allowing me to confront the cause and ‘cleanse’ myself of it.  Since working with Bertie I haven’t suffered from any anxiety and have managed to find peace emotionally to help me move forward with my life.  I have also felt more comfortable in my skin and appreciate my worth.  You will be in safe hands with Bertie and can feel confident that you are working with the best.

Changing Mindsets and KPI

It was a pleasure to work with Philippa on our Customer Service Project. 

How you coached and inspired my team in such a short period of time was incredible. Changing the whole team’s mindset on tackling the challenges they faced really showed in them individually and across all KPI tracked!


Alan Fripp - Area Manager River Island


I came to Bertie having struggled with confidence and self-belief since childhood.  My anxiety had really started to inhibit me and stop me from achieving my goals in life. With Bertie’s help, I was able to review all the moments in my life, which were now creating issues for me and causing my negative thoughts  and fears to run my life. 


With RTT I gained real insights that allowed me to look at myself in a manner and aspect that I had simply not envisaged before. One by one we ripped up my negative memories and put them in the metaphorical shredder.  After working with Bertie, I felt instantly happier and released from my pain and then after 21 days of listening to my recording I felt like a completely different person. 


It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m showing a real sense of confidence and self-belief in my own abilities both at work and in my personal life. The changes in me have been noticed by both my friends and my colleagues, and I really can’t thank Bertie enough.  It really is fantastic to experience such great shifts in such a short space of time, and to feel so positive about the future.  I am so grateful for the fantastic support and I am very happy to recommend Bertie. 

Transforming a Team

I had the pleasure of working with Philippa in October 2017. From day one of meeting Philippa I was drawn in by her warm character and willingness to be on hand and so attentive to myself and my team. We all learnt so much from Philippa both professionally and personally. The progression within my store / team since Philippa’s training has been astonishing and I have the upmost respect for Philippa’s talents. One of, if not the, most loveliest, of women, I have ever worked with and look forward to seeing her in the near future. Thank you again Philippa


Craig Grimstead – New Look Store Manager


Prior to working with Bertie, I was living in a ‘fight or flight’ existence; I was often nervous for no apparent reason, lacked confidence and felt crippled by fear at the thought of trying anything new.  My RTT session was enlightening, I now recognise the affect that past events, which may even appear trivial, still affect us all unconsciously.  Bertie was kind, empathetic and totally understood where I was coming from.  Fast forward 6 months and I have now been promoted, no longer feel inferior to anyone and do not get triggered emotionally like I did before. Suffice, to say, if you would like to break out of the ‘old you’ and embrace a more confident future, I cannot recommend Bertie enough.

ANXIETY AND PTSD – ‘I found Peace & Contentment’

As a working mum with three small children, my life was hectic. I was recovering from PTSD and anxiety and I felt stressed 90% of the time. So when I heard about Philippa’s therapy, I jumped at the chance of treatment and I haven’t looked back. 


Philippa was calm, confident and supportive and she immediately put me at ease. Following the session, I have found my sleep has improved, my thinking is clearer, I feel so much better emotionally and I feel much more competent and capable in every part of my life.


My session with Philippa was truly transformational. I have found peace and contentment in a life that I had previously found incredibly stressful and often uncomfortable. I didn’t think it was possible to feel this good and I am eternally grateful to Philippa for her wonderful help. I cannot recommend her enough. 


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