who we are

Bertie and Philippa help people to focus on being themselves, get comfortable with who they are and become passionate about what they are doing.  They give them a growth mindset, in a unique way so that participants are excited to grow their talents.  They create personal transformations, which in turn develop outstanding teams, resulting in an ability for businesses to pull away from the competition.


As coaches, trainers and therapists, Philippa and Bertie have over 45 years of collective experience working with people, within the corporate world and in private groups, as well as 1000’s of individuals. 


They have a passion for personal development, and are both NLP Master Practitioners, and Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapists.


After years of looking for the best solution, they have now combined their coaching and training skills with a hybrid method of hypnotherapy, known as Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), which combines the best of CBT, NLP, Psychology and Psychotherapy.

Today we pride ourselves in delivering a sustainable Personal Transformation Program, which provides a solution for permanent change.

We are different. Our approach is different. The next big thing in self-development is The Rise & Shine Academy!  

"we are fun, interactive and cutting edge!"

bertie's story

Since my early 20’s, my first passion has always been psychology and self-development.  Described as “a born motivator” it was only natural that I should be drawn towards a career in coaching and training others to live their best life. 

Discovering how to break free from years of anxiety and low self-esteem, made me passionate about helping others and created my purpose in life. Once I had discovered the solutions for myself, I was naturally drawn towards doing the same for others.

Today, I’m grateful to feel confident, happy and fulfilled in my life.  I no longer have anxiety, fear of public speaking or doubt my capabilities, and this enables me to constantly move towards my full potential.  As an RTT therapist, and a coach, I have the ultimate in job satisfaction, giving the people I work with the same mastery over their mind, that I discovered for myself.

philippa's story

Taking the road of personal development and behavioral psychology has led me to a fulfilling career including various therapies, coaching, training and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).


My great joy and purpose today is to empower people to become masters of their own destiny, to drop the baggage of limitation and unleash their unique potential in order to be the absolute best version of themselves!

Many are caught in a world of limiting beliefs, behaviors and thoughts, unable to be who they truly are and live the life they want. That was me!


Realising at school my learning was quite different to others, I felt different, never good enough and incapable. As a child always comparing myself to others and desperate to fit in, I experienced a good deal of rejection, bullying and loneliness.

By the time I was nineteen, facing unbearable rejection, I had gone as low as I could go. But through deeper exploration, I learnt that the way out was to understand how my mind worked and change it. Through this process I achieved very contrasting and powerful results!

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